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Fullerton Officer Charged for Lying That Man Resisted Arrest

A Fullerton police officer was charged Wednesday with filing a police report that falsely alleged a man was resisting arrest.

Miguel Siliceo of Anaheim, 51, was charged with a felony count of false report by a police officer. Prosecutors say they also plan to produce evidence of a fraudulent insurance claim in 1999.

Siliceo is accused of falsely accusing a man of resisting arrest while he was on patrol in downtown Fullerton on July 9, 2015, according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office. Siliceo allegedly reported that the man charged at the defendant's partner as another person was being arrested, prosecutors said.

The victim of the alleged false claim was charged with a misdemeanor, but the charge was later dumped when body-worn armor by his fellow officers contradicted Siliceo's claim, prosecutors alleged.

Fullerton police have lent "full cooperation'' in the case, prosecutors said.

Siliceo, who is scheduled to be arraigned April 5, could face up to three years in jail if convicted at trial.

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