Restaurant Owner Born in Nice Mourns Truck Attack Victims

Just last year, Sabine Hecht, owner of the Chez Sabine French Restaurant, mourned the loss of two health inspectors killed in the San Bernardino terrorist attacks. Now, she is mourning for Nice, France, where she was born.

During a memorial for the San Bernardino victims, Hecht’s mind was miles away at her hometown where her adult children still live.

Her son was just a few miles from the truck attack.

“I am really with them. I’m far but my heart is in both sides,” she said.

She is still scouring social media to see if her friends are okay.

The recent attack stirs emotions of the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Hecht knew county health inspectors Robert Adams and Yvette Velasco because they inspected her business. They were part of the 14 killed on December 14, 2015.

Two doctors at the Loma Linda University Medical Center and customers comforted Hecht.

“We know she’s from Nice, so we wanted to make sure that everyone was okay in her family. We were really worried,” said Dr. Marissa Badi.

Dr. Matthew Malkin knows the horrors of terrorism all too well.

Malkin was part of the medical staff who treated the San Bernardino victims.

“It just makes no sense how people can treat human life as nothing, and it hurts,” he said.

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