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Thirty Four Years Ago Today, Richard Ramirez ‘The Nightstalker' Was Captured in Boyle Heights

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Thirty four years ago Saturday, Richard Ramirez, the infamous and demonic "Nightstalker" was taken down by a group of angry residents who recognized the lanky drifter who had terrorized California with his demonic killing and sex assault spree.

Families, too afraid to leave windows open, bolted their homes shut as the Nightstalker crept into homes and did unspeakable acts.

Aug. 31 was the day that a state breathed a sigh of relief, that the killer was captured, his reign of fear ended. Ramirez, who was eventually convicted of 13 murders, five attempted murders, eleven sexual assaults and 14 burglaries, wound up dying in prison in 2013, before he could be put to death by the state.

Through an interactive timeline, take a look back at NBC's coverage of the Nightstalker.

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