Rideshare Services Being Ticketed Again at LAX After Lapse

State regulations say rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft cannot conduct business at an airport unless authorized by the airport.

LAX is once again cracking down on rideshare services such as Lyft and UberX.

Days ago, the airport police decided they wouldn't stop rideshare services from picking up at LAX, even though it's illegal and despite ticketing and towing any such service police spotted all summer.

But late Wednesday afternoon, LAX officials decided to once again ban them, after learning the NBC4 I-Team was about to air this report.

Recently, NBC4 spotted a silver Acura cruising LAX looking for passengers. The driver from Lyft said he was allowed to pick up at the airport.

But state regulations say rideshare services cannot conduct business at an airport unless authorized by the airport.

Taxis and limos are authorized at LAX. UberX and Lyft are not.

Then last Saturday, LAX police officials sent a memo to its cops, saying, "Effective immediately ... all TNC (or rideshare) enforcement is suspended ... Do not cite or impound" the cars.

For the last five days, UberX and Lyft cars have been allowed to illegally pick up passengers at the airport, without waiting in a holding area, or paying $4 every time they enter LAX, which limos and taxis are required to do.

Those fees pay for airport operations.

"Our industry is paying well over $3 million a year to that airport," said Bill Rouse, a general manager of Yellow Cab. "The ride-sharing companies are paying zero."

Lyft responded to this story in an email, saying it's in talks with LAX to find a way craft rules that would allow ride services into the airport.

Uber denied its drivers are picking up at LAX, even though LAX cops they've caught a handful of UberX drivers this summer.

Previous I-Team stories have uncovered a convicted felon driving for UberX and passengers learning that they were covered by no one's insurance while riding in their cars.

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