7 Riverside Hiking Spots Closed Over Fire Danger

Your favorite hiking trail could be off limits for the time being.

Riverside County Fire Chief Daniel Talbot closed multiple hazardous hiking locations due to fire danger. 

Seven locations were closed on Monday for the duration of wildfire season. The locations are:

  • Avery Canyon, along Gibbel Road, east of State Street in Hemet
  • North Mountain and Indian Canyon in the San Jacinto area
  • Whitewater Canyon near Cabazon, north of Palm Sprins
  • Nuevo and Lakelview area east of Menifee Road
  • Minto Way in Sage
  • Reinhardt Canyon, north of Highway 74 
  • Ramona Bowl and Bautista Canyon, southwest of Hemet
The closures will remain in effect until further notice.
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