Riverside Man Reunited With Cat Month After Pet Got Caught in Barbed Wire

The cat, Surrender, needed his tail amputated after the barbed wire was embedded in it.

A Riverside man was reunited with his cat after the feline managed to get himself stuck on a razor wire last month.

The incident occurred mid-September, when the tabby cat, Surrender, was dangling from a barbed wire outside a Riverside business. The cat was freed by Riverside County Animal Control Officers Mary Salazar and Jennifer Selter.

Surrender underwent surgery to have a portion of its tail amputated after being injured in the freak accident. The barbed wire was embedded in Surrender's tail, resulting in the need for surgery.

After 30 minutes of struggling, Salazar and Selter were finally able to free the cat.

"At first we didn't see a lot of hope for it," Salazar said in a news release. "It appeared to be struggling and in a lot of pain. Once he calmed down, he was actually very nice."

Surrender is now with his rightful owner, John Pritzlaff.

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