Road Rage Attack in Van Nuys Caught on Camera

Shahnam Asbaghi was driving home from work at a local coffee shop Tuesday when he says he was followed by a limo driver on the 405 Freeway.

"I exited Sherman Way East," he said. "He walks over to my driver's side, swings as hard as he can."

The video captured on Asbaghi's cellphone as he sat in the driver's seat appears to show a limo driver grabbing what appears to be a tire iron before swinging it at the window. Asbaghi said the alleged incident happened after the driver rammed in to him.

But police said the limo driver initially reported that Asbaghi pulled in front of him and slammed on the breaks, causing a minor crash.

Police said the limo driver will likely face charges for assault with a deadly weapon.

"There is no situation where this would be legal," said LAPD Lt. Jim Gavin. "But we aren't charging anyone until we find out what led up to the incident."

Gavin said both drivers could face charges.

"Right now, statements from both parties aren't adding up," he said.

Police in the LAPD's Van Nuys Division said they have about eight reported road rage incidents per month.

The driver's employer, LA Private Car Service, told NBC4 Wednesday that the driver has been fired since the incident.

"We take the safety of our clients and fellow commuters we share the road with seriously..." a spokesman said.

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