Lake Elsinore

Road Rage Confrontation Outside School Leaves Witnesses Rattled

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Two drivers got out of their cars and fought in a violent road rage confrontation outside a Lake Elsinore high school Friday, and it was all caught on video. 

Many people witnessed what happened outside Lakeside High School on Riverside Drive, and many of the witnesses were kids with their parents as the children were heading to school.

Early Friday morning, there was a commotion at a green SUVwhich had stopped at an intersection. 

Paul Grajeda started recording after he said the driver of the SUV got out and started attacking the driver of a gray car.

In Grajeda’s video, the man who was attacked -- who was wearing a red shirt -- was seen walking away from the SUV after confronting the other driver. 

After walking back to the gray car, the driver kicks the SUV as it drives by and runs a red light.

Grajeda said what disturbs him the most is that the green SUV is carrying two young girls who even get out of the car at one point in the video. 


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“They put themselves in danger especially on a main road like that -- somebody could have gotten hurt really bad,” he said. 

He said even after he stopped recording he watched the drivers at the next light still acting aggressive toward each other until they finally went separate ways.

He said road rage is simply unacceptable and it could lead to something far worse than punches.

"’Cause you never know what it could escalate to and it could end your life right then and there. You never know,” he said. 

School officials said they were not aware of the incident.

NBCLA was awaiting a comment from Riverside County Sheriff's Department to determine whether anyone was investigating. 

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