Driver in Road-Rage Assault Sought After Attempting to Run Down Pedestrian

A heated argument turned violent Thursday when an alleged wrong-way driver used his car as a weapon in Venice in a road rage caught on camera.

The incident happened Wednesday when the victim said he pulled out his camera to film the license plate of a Mercedes driving the wrong way on a one-way on Speed Way.

The argument escalated as the man tried to get a shot of the front of the car.

The driver ran into him, knocking him to the ground, before speeding off.

He ended up rolling forward and thought he was going to go under the wheels. He was not hurt.

"I see cars going the wrong way on the speedway everyday," said the man who filmed the driver and did not want to be identified. "I'm a native to Venice. I see all sorts of dumb stuff happen, but normally its out of ignorance, not malice."

Police are looking for the driver in the black S550 Mercedes with Nevada plates.

He is facing felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

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