Robber Poses as Blind Man at Check Cashing Business

The suspect spent over an hour in the store waiting to make his move, police said

Police are looking for a robber who faked being blind and took $5,000 from a Wilmington check cashing business in July, authorities said.

The man entered California Budget Financial July 24 in the afternoon, pretending to be a blind customer and needing assistance filling out paper work.

He spent 90 minutes inside the store waiting for customers to clear before he made his move, police said.

When the employee unlocked the secure doors leading to the safe to hand the suspect some water, the impostor pulled a gun and demanded that the safe be open, police said.

The robber emptied the safe and all of the stores drawers. There were no injuries reported. 

Police believe that the robber has hit only once and said that the fact he was there for so long was unusual.

The suspect was described as Hispanic with a very large mole on the back of his neck.

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