Woman Uses Mace on Macy's Security Guard; Steals $400 in Clothes

The woman sprayed the loss prevention officer twice as she ran out of the store

A woman made off with $400 in clothing after macing a Macy's security guard in the face Tuesday in a Santa Ana mall, police said. 

The suspect was confronted by the Macy's security guard in the Santa Ana Main Place Mall as she tried to leave the store with the loot Tuesday, the Santa Ana Police said.

She turned around and sprayed the officer in the face with pepper spray, and when the officer lowered his hand, she used pepper spray again, police said. 

The thief then got into a silver Nissan sedan with two men inside and they drove down Main Street, police said.

The woman was described as white, in her mid 30s, with dark red hair and tattoos on both her arms.

The Santa Ana Police are asking anyone with information about the suspects to call 1-855-TIP-OCCS.

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