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“Feels Like Somebody Stole My Kid's Piggy Bank”: Thieves Hit Little League

Parents of little leaguers in a Southern California city are outraged that thieves would target their clubhouse to loot an air conditioner, a cash register, two coffee machines and a speaker system.

Thieves broke into the Upland American Little League snack bar and office in a city park sometime between July 6 and 11.

"It feels like someone came in my home and stole my kid's piggy bank," said Andrew Decker, a parent and board member of the club.

Nancy Lizama, a mother who has worked regularly at the snack bar for four years, was crushed. 

"I didn't want to go in and see it because I knew I would just break down in tears," she said. 

The cops are investigating the case, but investigators have little to go on, said Upland Police Department Lt. Cliff Matthews. 

"It's really sad because they don't have a lot of spare money," he said.

Parents have raised more than $2,000 as of Tuesday to help recover the money lost from the heist. The league serves nearly 300 boys and girls and is run by parent volunteers.

Decker said league parents are hoping to raise enough money to cover the damages and install roll-up shutters and security cameras.

The break-in was discovered July 11, when the team's board members arrived for a meeting. Photos show drawers and cabinets ripped open and supplies strewn around.

Police believe the break-in took place after July 6 when league officials had last entered the building after their last game.

Police ask that anyone with information call police dispatch at (909)-946-7624.

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