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Armed Robbers Target San Gabriel Valley 7-Eleven Stores

A pair of armed robbers appear to be targeting 7-Eleven stores around the San Gabriel Valley this week, taking cash and in some cases, cigars, from the convenience stores during overnight hours.

Authorities in Monrovia, San Gabriel, unincorporated Azusa, unincorporated Covina and Glendora have reported robberies that occurred Tuesday, late Thursday and early Friday carried out by two black men dressed in hoodies and carrying handguns.

Sheriff's deputies responded to two armed robberies that occurred within minutes of each other Tuesday at 7-Eleven stores on Cypress Street in unincorporated Covina and on Azusa Avenue. Authorities believed the two were connected because of the similar suspect descriptions. Minutes later, a 7-Eleven was robbed in Glendora by a pair of robbers whose descriptions match the previous two robberies, authorities said.

Days later, a 7-Eleven in the 900 block of West Duarte Road was robbed at 11 p.m. Thursday in Monrovia, according to Monrovia police. One of the men pulled out a handgun and stole around $200 cash and cigars. The pair fled on foot.

Around half an hour later, a pair of robbers hit a San Gabriel 7-Eleven in the 800 block of West Las Tunas Drive, according to the city's police department. Authorities said one of the men wore a black hoodie with "A-Life" in front of it with green lettering. The robbers took $200 cash and two boxes of cigars and fled the store on foot.

At around 12:44 a.m. Friday, Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies responded to an armed robbery at the same 7-Eleven store robbed Tuesday, located at the intersection of Azusa Avenue and Gladstone Street in unincorporated Azusa. The robbers pulled out a hand gun and stole a cash drawer containing about $500 cash.

An employee who was inside the store when both robberies happened said they were in and out in less than two minutes Friday.

Detectives are hoping to review surveillance video to determine if all of the crimes are linked.

No injuries were reported in all robberies.

Annette Arreola contributed to this report. 

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