Chino Hills

Woman Reunited With $8,500 Rolex Accidentally Flushed Down Toilet

A Chino Hills city worker found the watch 18 months after the woman flushed it down the toilet.

Celia Twiford turned around to flush when, "plop," her Rolex watch slipped off her wrist and dropped straight into the flushing toilet.

"You know when you get off the toilet and you turn around... it was already too late," Twiford said of the moment she realized her Rolex was gone. The $8,500 watch was down the drain.

After calling two plumbers and the city of Chino Hills, the precious gift she had received from her husband Jason was nowhere to be found.

Eighteen months later, Carlos Diaz, a Chino Hills city worker, miraculously found the watch amidst debris and muck that had collected near a manhole a mile down the hill from the Twifords' home.

Diaz had coincidentally been on the initial November 2016 call about the missing Rolex and knew exactly who to call: "The moment I saw it, I knew it was her watch because there aren't too many Rolexes floating up out of the water."

Diaz met with the Twifords on Friday to reunite the precious Rolex with its rightful owner.

Despite being lost among the Chino Hills sewage system for nearly a year and a half, after a good polishing from Diaz, the watch emerged fully-functioning, shining, and missing just one stone.

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