Rough Surf and Dangerous Rip Currents Hit SoCal Beaches

So Cal lifeguards warn of strong rip currents, which have increased the number of ocean rescues.

LA County lifeguards braced for another day of rough surf and strong rip currents Thursday.

Their advice is simple: stay out of the water unless you are an experienced swimmer.

For those who are daring enough to take a dip, officials recommend consulting a lifeguard before entering the water and swimming near an open tower.

Yesterday, 167,000 people decided to beat the heat by escaping to one of LA County’s beaches, according to LA County Lifeguard Captain Julio Rodriguez.

Even after hiring additional lifeguards, Rodriguez said the county was still short-staffed in the face of 75 ocean and 53 medical rescues.

Today, waves are predicted to reach as high as four feet at some beaches.

While the riptide danger appears to have subsided since yesterday, the high surf advisory is expected to remain in effect through the end of the weekend.

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