Safe Surrender Baby Meets His Heroes

Baby Noah was adopted and is spending his first birthday with his new family.

Baby Noah was dropped off at a Tustin fire station when he was only two days old. A year later, he and his adoptive parents met with the firefighters who received him as part of the Safe Surrender program.

The Safe Surrender program allows parents to legally leave their infant at any California hospital or fire station within 72 hours of birth. The Safely Surrendered Baby Law was signed into state law in 2006 and a total of 770 newborns have been saved from abandonment since then.

The program allowed Tim and Javier Salazar to adopt Noah.

"We just want them [biological parents] to know that he's safe and happy," Javier said. "They don't have to worry about if they did or did not make the right decision, because they did."

Baby Noah’s first birthday is Dec. 19.

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