Lawsuit: Adoptive Parents Claim Boy's History of Violence, Abuse Was Not Disclosed

The adoptive parents of two boys have filed a lawsuit against San Bernardino County's Department of Children and Family Services, claiming the agency failed to disclose the older boy's history of violent and sexually abusive behavior toward his brother.

The lawsuit filed in federal court Tuesday claims the county was negligent, committed civil rights violations and violations of federal adoption and child welfare laws. The parents, who adopted the boys in March 2017, are not identified in the suit.

According to the lawsuit, a counselor told the younger brother to not tell his prospective adoptive parents about the abuse because he would be removed from the home.

NBC4 has reached out to the plaintiffs' attorney.

Officials with San Bernardino County released a statement, saying the following:

"The County takes great care in matching children with prospective adoptive parents based upon a transparent disclosure of the unique needs and behaviors of each child and the willingness and ability of the prospective adoptive parents to meet the child’s needs. Once a match and placement have been made, the County continues to supervise children and support adopting parents for a period of at least six months before an adoption is finalized. We are grateful for each and every parent who provided a forever family to over 9,300 children over the last three decades in San Bernardino County, including nearly 600 children adopted in 2017."

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