Deputies Recover a Whole Rack of Stolen Lottery Tickets

Deputies recognized the suspect caught on camera from his previous run-in with law enforcement

What to Know

  • San Bernardino deputies responded to a burglary call of a liquor store and recovered a rack of stolen lottery tickets.
  • Authorities recognized the liquor store burglar from a previous altercation and located the suspect.

Deputies recovered dozens of stolen lottery tickets Thursday after authorities recognized the suspected thief from a previous encounter, the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department said.

Emilio Javier Hernandez, 47, was arrested Thursday for multiple felony charges.

Authorities responded to a call about an "unwanted" person at a residence where the suspect, Hernandez, was arguing with his girlfriend. Hernandez grew angry with his girlfriend, who was injured in an altercation with him two days earlier, and drove away in her car without her permission, police said.

The next day, deputies searching for Hernandez hit the jackpot.

After responding to a burglary alarm at Hal’s Liquor on California Street in Yucaipa, deputies found that the store's front window had been kicked out and a rack of lottery tickets was stolen. Deputies said they recognized the suspect as Hernandez and identified his girlfriend’s stolen vehicle after reviewing the liquor store’s security video.

Police returned to his girlfriend’s residence, arrested Hernandez and recovered the lottery tickets.

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