Victim Who Followed Robber Shot, Killed in San Bernardino

A robbery victim was fatally shot in San Bernardino after he followed the suspected thief to a residence Monday night, police said.

The man was reportedly robbed at Lytle Creek Park around 8:40 p.m., according to the San Bernardino Police Department.

The victim later followed the robber in his car to 1300 Poplar Street, police said.

The victim pulled behind the robber in a driveway. As the victim got out of the car to confront the man, he was shot and killed, police said.

The shooter fled, leading to a police search.

The area was cordoned off by yellow crime tape following the shooting.

A neighbor said he heard two gunshots Monday night and police were investigating the scene past midnight.

No description of the shooter or his vehicle was available.

Police said it was the 27th homicide in San Bernardino this year.

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