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Despite Rumors on Social Media, San Bernardino Shelter Says It's Not Euthanizing All Animals

They need you to adopt the animals, though.

A group of animal lovers was lined up outside a San Bernardino city shelter amid rumors that it would have to shut down, leaving more than 100 animals without a place to go -- or worse. 

Residents were also very concerned about another rumor: that the San Bernardino Animal Shelter would euthanize all the animals May 7.

The city says that’s not true, and also says animal activists have been spreading lies on social media.

Some San Bernardino city officials spoke out against include the claim that all the dogs and cats were to be euthanized because the shelter is closing.

"In regards to the rumors that have been spread online, there will not be a mass killing of the animals here at the shelter," Sadie Albers of the San Bernardino Animal Shelter said. 

The 60 dogs and 40 cats will be transferred over to Riverside County Animal Services because San Bernardino is falling behind.

"The animal shelter here has had a troubled past. It’s out of date and the city does not have the finances to bring it up to code, that these animals really deserve," Albers said.  

The shelter says there are a small amount of animals that are not adoptable — either they have behavioral issues, or bit a child, and as standard procedure,  those animals will be put down.

No closing date is set but they will hold a free adoption event Thursday to try to find as many homes as possible before the animals are transferred to the county.

"This shelter was designed to handle a whole lot of animals. We can handle what’s coming our way from the city of San Bernardino," John Welsh of Riverside County Animal Services said of the influx of the animals left behind from San Bernardino Animal Shelter. 

The dogs and cats will have new resources they didn’t have at their old shelter, he said.  

"We have a whole army of registered veterinary technicians to help those animals coming from San Bernardino," Welsh said. 

Many in line Monday, ready to help the animals they thought would be euthanized due to the rumor on social media, said they would return Thursday to adopt. 

The free adoption event is Thursday, May 9, at the San Bernardino shelter located at 333 Chandler Place San Bernardino from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

All adoptions and spay and neutering will be free.

Adopters must be 18 years old and have a valid ID.

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