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Santa Clarita Brush Fire Burns Uphill, Spreads to Homes

The blaze burned three homes in The Terrace Apartments area.

What to Know

  • 10-acre brush fire burns three homes in Santa Clarita.
  • The fire was 85-percent contained Tuesday morning
  • There were no immediate reports of injuries.

A 10-acre fire in Santa Clarita roared uphill through thick brush and burned homes Monday, forcing residents to evacuate as firefighters battled the blaze from the air and the ground. 

The fast-moving Railroad Fire was burning near the 20900 block of Via Estrella, threatening at least 50 homes near The Terrace Apartments. The fire was 85-percent contained early Tuesday. 

There were no reports of injuries to residents, but two homes on Alder Drive and one on Trumpet Drive burned, sending thick black smoke into the air. Three firefighters were hospitalized with minor injuries.

Resident Al Schlicher said he was trapped in his apartment.

"I didn't get scared until there was no way out," he said. "I tried to get out the front door, couldn't because it was too hot and the flames were literally almost up against the apartment."

He went to a burned-out window and shouted to firefighters below, who told him to take cover in his bathroom.

"These guys were incredible," Schlicher said.

Fire crews were protecting structures on Ivy Lane, Alder Drive, and Trumpet Drive, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

"They're making targeted drops, but the fuel keeps lighting up and flames keep coming back," said Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna, discussing the aerial drops that crews were using to attack the aggressive blaze.  

"We have a lot of resources that are stretched thin already," DiGiovanna said. "This is the last thing we need."

The blaze was 40 percent contained by 6:30 p.m.

All roads were reopened with the exception of Alder Drive and Trumpet Drive, which were only open to residents with identification.

An evacuation center was set up at Golden Valley High School, located at 27051 Robert C. Lee Pkwy, and was expected to remain open through the night.

DiGiovanna was also recommending that homeowners clear brush near homes, to remove the fuel that fires like this one feed on. 

NBC4's Jonathan Lloyd contributed to this report.

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