Sean McVay's Home Burglarized in Encino

The three suspects were gone from the scene when police arrived.

The home of Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay was burglarized in Encino on Thursday night by three unidentified men.

No one was home during the break-in. The suspects, wearing masks, hoodies and gloves, entered through the back door. Police were soon notified after the house’s alarm system was set off. 

When officials arrived, the men were gone.

The suspects reportedly stole $20,000 worth of jewelry and purses, according to TMZ Sports. They also report that an unspecified amount of damage was done to the house.

Laurie Kay Nijki, an Encino resident who lives close to McVay, worried that burglaries in their neighborhood were becoming more frequent and sophisticated.

"A lot of the robberies appear to be more professional," she said. "Because of their level of sophistication it seems that they are quite effective in being able to take advantage of some of the vulnerabilities in the neighborhood."

Police are still looking for the suspects – trying to identify them using surveillance footage from McVay’s home as well as his neighbor’s cameras. The investigation is ongoing.

This incident comes just months after ten men were arrested for a series of burglaries on homes belonging to top-tier celebrities like Rihanna, Yasiel Puig, and L.A. Rams wide receiver Robert Woods.

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