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Second Bald Eagle Chick Hatches Near Big Bear Lake

The second of two fuzzy little bald eagles has made its appearance to the world Monday just one day after its sibling in Southern California.

The two eggs, laid just last month near Big Bear Lake, were already a bit famous. Their births were witnessed live by loyal viewers of an online feed of the nest.

The mother eagle stirred a bit before standing to reveal the first chick born before the second egg became visible, cracked in half. 

With the chilly breeze ruffling feathers, the second chick was wiggling a bit in the egg as its sibling watched.

The first chick born poked its fluffy white head out of the shell and made its on-camera debut late Sunday morning.

For weeks the camera in the San Bernardino National Forest showed the mother eagle and a male companion taking turns sitting on the eggs.

The Institute for Wildlife Studies web page has thousands of comments from people watching the feed.

The camera was installed by the group Friends of Big Bear Valley.

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