Senior Citizens Prepare Meals for Homeless in Glendora

A group of grandmothers in Glendora feeds the homeless twice a week

The homeless population in Los Angeles County has surged 75 percent in six years to more than 58,000 people. Many people are without food and shelter, but a group of senior citizens in Glendora is doing its part to make their lives a little easier.

At Glendora Gardens Senior Living Complex, a group of grandmothers uses their culinary skills to feed people experiencing homelessness twice a week.

Retired secretary Maretta Lockridge leads the group that cooks meals for dozens of people. She wanted to help those who were less fortunate.

"I wanted to reach out to let them know that just because they're homeless, they're not forgotten," she told NBC4.

Vons donates food that the women cook on Mondays from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. They serve their dishes on Tuesdays and Fridays between 11 a.m. and noon.

Lockridge said she was nearly homeless herself, so she understands the desperation these people might face.

"If you haven't been through a lot yourself, people don't identify with you. You go out and look at them like people, like you're not above them and show them love. That's what it is, you have to show them love."

For people experiencing homelessness, the love Lockridge and her friends put into their cooking makes them feel welcome.

"They put their love into it when they cook. It's like they're cooking for their family, like this family out here too," said Cherrie Canfield, who is homeless.

Another homeless man, who goes by "Bozo," also feels the love.

"It's nice to know somebody cares and they go out of their way. They care. They go out of their way and try to help us in all kinds of ways."

People who want to get involved can donate food or help prepare meals with the senior citizens every Monday at Glendora Gardens Senior Living Center in Glendora. 

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