Serial Arsonist Behind Church Fires in Riverside Community: Police

Police believe a serial arsonist may be targeting churches after someone set at least seven fires in the same neighborhood of Homeland.

Firefighters doused small fires along Leon Road that were burning behind homes. 

Someone also tried to set fire to a building behind the Romoland School District headquarters and a shed at nearby Hemet Fence Company. Residents were shocked. An unidenfitied igniter was tossed over a concrete wall, officials said.

"Very fortunate that whatever set on fire didn't catch so we're very thankful to the lord for that," said Richard Schmid, a church member.

Investigators also believe the same person or people set fire to a field early Tuesday morning near Community First Church of God.

Two weeks ago the church burned to the ground, possibly by an arsonist who investigators say may be connected to the latest string of fires.

"They'll go through with a fine tooth comb to make sure if there's any evidence that could tie any of them together or if this was a separate act," said Capt. Lucas Spelman, of CalFire.

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