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Shake Up Your Workout Routine at PlateFit in LA!

Bored of your everyday workout routine? Shake it up with the workout, PlateFit, where you can get a full-body workout in just 27 minutes. 

The workout uses platefit technology from Power Plate to work and contract your muscles. The plate moves up and down, side to side for a full-body workout. 

"The plates contract your muscles thirty to fifty times per seconds," said Rachel Blumberg, found of PlateFit. "Meaning that in 30 seconds you do 900 muscle contractions." 

Although the machine looks complicated, the workout isn't. The workout takes place mostly on the plate with dumbbells, a TRX and body bands for an additional challenge. But make sure you are listening to your instructors so you use the proper form and get the maximum results from your workout.  

"You want to bend your knees a little bit so you have some tension in your muscles and the vibrations goes right up into your body," said Blumberg. "You use 98 percent of your muscle fibers."

There are four studios in the Los Angeles and they have specialty classes that target cellulite as well as HIIT-FIT classes and WarriorFIT classes. 

The workout decreases inflammation and increases circulation throughout the body. 

Blumberg said the workout is great for people with bad joints because any high impact exercise becomes low impact on joints and tendons while working out on the power plate. 

For more information visit PlateFit's website. 

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