As Sharks Linger Near OC Shore, Deputies Grab Up-Close Video

At least six sharks were sighted off the shore of an Orange County beach community, including one that swam right up to a sheriff's boat, deputies said.

Deputies with the OC Sheriff's Department aren't sounding the alarm, however, just sharing their up-close encounter. The sharks seen near Seal Beach and Huntington Beach Monday created no safety concerns, according to Orange County Sheriff's Lt. Jeff Hallock.

Spotted by a fireboat patrolling near the Seal Beach community of Surfside,the sharks were about 5-6 feet long, as measured by a sheriff's helicopter on a flyby.

The helicopter spotted at least six sharks, according to a post on a department Instagram page.

Hallock said some signs were posted to the beach and lifeguards at Seal Beach and nearby Huntington Beach were monitoring, but the department didn't want to raise concern with the video.

Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol Sergeant John Hollenbeck told the Orange County Register that the sharks were great whites, and but that they ususally swim to deeper water by the time they become adults and are no cause for panic.

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