Shooter Sought in Nearly Year-Old Double Slaying in Lake View Terrace

Edgar Canaan, 47, and his father-in-law Moises Farias, 68, were killed last August in Lakeview Terrace

A neighborhood dispute turned deadly last year when two men were gunned down in Lakeview Terrace. Nearly a year later the killer still hasn't been found.

The shooting happened Aug. 28. Homicide detectives said that possibly two people gunned down Edgar Canaan, 47, and his father-in-law Moises Farias, 68, outside the family's home on Jouett Street.

One man survived. He still fears for his life.

"Just having to think about those things constantly," said the man, who declined to be identified out of safety concerns.

Detective Matthew Kohl said the shooting started as a dispute with neighbors across the street over skid marks and speed on Jouett.

But then a white Ford Mustang pulled up and the front passenger got out and asked what was going on, Kohl said.

"It was a minor thing that we, at the end, decided to walk away and when we walked away, we got shot at," said the victim.

The shooter fired eight rounds into their direction.

Almost immediately after the shooting, the family moved out of the neighborhood. And yet the fear of that night stays with them.

"We're in a place where we can't be found but yet I feel like there's somebody downstairs," the victim said.

Neighbors are afraid of gangs.

"It's just a whole lot of commotion in the neighborhood and it's frightening, of course," said a neighbor.

That community fear is what detectives say is keeping their own hands tied, when it's the suspects who should be cuffed.

"That's the one thing that people need to take away is that you can always remain anonymous and we'll work with the tip that we get," Kohl said. "Cause without the community, we don't have anything."

The victim hopes somebody will help find the people that hurt his family.

"They're out there."

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