Pico Rivera

Shooting Spree Victim Was Dedicated to Helping Others

A man killed during a cross-city shooting spree had dedicated his life to helping others.

Jose Ricardo Sahagun, 44, was killed Saturday afternoon when a couple went on a shooting spree that spanned multiple cities.

Police say a man and a woman carjacked a green SUV in Pico Rivera before opening fire twice in Whittier and twice in La Mirada. The couple wounded several people and killed Sahagun as they targeted victims at random, police said.

Relatives say that after graduating from Cal State Long Beach, Sahagun actually returned to his hometown of Compton to teach elementary school. His most recent job at a social services department showed his desire to help people.

His shooting death now leaves two sons without a father and a wife without a husband as police work to pin down the suspects.

Four hours after Sahagun was shot, a shooting occurred in a Santa Fe Springs motel. There, they found a man and a woman with gunshots in a stolen car.

The pair matched the description of the couple wanted for the shooting spree, but police have not yet positively linked them to that day's earlier shootings.

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