Man, Dog Injured by a Protective Mama Bear Guarding Her Cub

Eventually, the bears were tranquilized and returned to the mountains north of the San Gabriel Valley community

A man was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries following a bear attack in Sierra Madre Monday.

Sierra Madre police said they received a 911 call shortly before 2 p.m. about a bear attack in the 500 block of North Hermosa Avenue. The San Gabriel Valley foothill community is near Angeles National Forest.

According to police, the incident happened when the man’s dog went after a cub in the homeowner’s backyard. The mama bear attacked the dog to protect her cub, police said. The homeowner, who saw the mama bear coming after his dog and tried to protect the animal, suffered scrapes and a bite when the bear attacked. 

The mama bear and cub then climbed up a tree and remained there until the California Department of Fish and Wildlife arrived to tranquilize the mama bear. Both bears will be released into nearby mountains.

The dog was also transported to a vet with non-life threatening injuries.

It's extremely rare for black bears to attack humans in California, but it's best to follow these safety tips if you encounter a bear on a camping trip or in your neighborhood -- especially if it's a protective mother with her cubs.

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