Two Men With BB Gun Attack Sign Twirler

Three days a week Douglas Hier dances with his work sign at an intersection in Murrieta to help his family make ends meet.

"I try working as hard as I can to help out with whatever way I can," he said.

To 22-year-old Douglas, finding a job can be hard for anyone -- but it's even more difficult for him because he has a learning disability caused by a mild form of autism.

"Disability and all, I just try my best," he said.

On Saturday, while Douglas was working at the intersection of Kalmia Street and Madison Avenue, a dark red PT Cruiser slowly drove up to the corner to make a right turn. Douglas then noticed the driver was yelling at him.

"I didn't hear him at the time cause I had headphones on," he said.

Seconds later, Douglas said a blond male who had bad acne suddenly pulled out a handgun and shot at him multiple times.

"He started to shoot me, then I tilted the sign to where I would guard my face because that way I wouldn't get hurt," he said.

The gun turned out to be a BB gun, so Douglas didn't suffer any serious injuries, only minor bruising.

But to Douglas, it's the emotional pain that hurts the most.

"It hurts my feelings a lot," he said. "It makes me feel like my job is no longer safe."

Douglas' mother, Therese Hier, was furious and hopes Murrieta Police will catch the two men soon. 

"Be kind," Therese said. "Stop what you're doing. Grow up. Get a life."

There was no surveillance video to help detectives because the cameras at nearby stores are not pointed toward the street. Douglas' family is relying on witnesses to help detectives find out who did this. Anyone with additional information should contact Murrieta police

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