Woman Thanks Police Dispatcher Who Helped Save Her Father's Life in Norway

A police dispatcher stepped in to help when a woman was unable to reach police in Norway

A Simi Valley woman got to meet and thank the police dispatcher who helped save her father's life overseas on Christmas Day.

Dispatcher Lauren Harkins received a call from Simi Valley resident Pam Shanahan at 11:05 a.m. Shanahan was in desperate need to help her father in Norway, who she believed was suffering a stroke. She initially contacted an ambulance company in Norway, but her call was disconnected.

Though she usually doesn't take emergency calls for other countries, Harkins' first response was to help Shanahan. Harkins immediately searched for a telephone number for police in Oslo.

Within seconds, Harkins was able to provide the number to Shanahan and ask for her father’s home address. She also told Shanahan to call back if she was unable to place the call.

Even after hanging up with Shanahan, Harkins stayed on the case. She called Oslo police and confirmed that Shanahan’s father was receiving medical help.

Early in January, Shanahan stopped by the Simi Valley Police Department, thanking Harkins for her "above and beyond" support.

"Dispatcher Harkins saved my father’s life," Shanahan said.

After visiting her father in Norway, Shanahan informed the department that he was doing "great."

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