Two Injured After Car Hits Bus During Possible Street Race in Bellflower

Two people were badly hurt after a car crashed into a bus during what witnesses described as a street race in Bellflower Friday.

The crash was reported about 6:30 p.m. on Somerset Boulevard and Woodruff Avenue, a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman said. The driver lost control of the vehicle and was sliding prior to the accident. 

The 1996 model Acura's male driver and a male passenger, the vehicle's only occupants. were both badly injured. The passenger is in critical condition, while the other is in serious condition. No one on the bus suffered any injuries.

"The (car) driver was a little bit damaged, but the passenger was completely gone. His head was busted open," local resident Ivan Segovia, who provided aid at the scene, said. He is convinced the men had been taking part in a race.

"They were racing… you can see the straight marks right there... big old marks. It was maybe from 10 feet (away from the crash), they tried to stop but couldn't stop," Segovia said.

Another witness at the scene backed up his version of events.

"I saw a black Honda chasing the car that hit the bus after he hit the bus he got and did something around his car got back in his car then squirted off," she said, "He jumped out his car after the accident, went to the other guy's car, went back to his car and then made a U-turn and left."

The sheriff's department was unable to confirm a witness report that a fleeing vehicle clipped a fire truck as it left the scene, or that there had been a race leading up to the crash, however the investigation was ongoing.

Crews cleared the wreckage Friday night in Bellflower where one car, possibly racing with another, slammed into a Bus, injuring three people.

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