Check Out These Smart Kitchen Gadgets That Save You Time and Money

Looking to upgrade your kitchen? Danny Seo, the editor in chief of national magazine, Naturally, is in the California Live studio to show off some smart gadgets that will make being in the kitchen much easier. 

Smart Faucet

Seo recommends investing in a smart faucet. You can wave your hand underneath the faucet without touching it for water. But the most unique feature is that you can program the faucet to pour out specific measurements for you while you cook. By having a smart faucet not only will you be more sanitary but you will save more water. 

Eco-Friendly Counter tops

Seo recommends getting laminate surfaces for your kitchen specifically the Wilson Art Laminate. Rather than paying the money for marble and granite, this is both more durable and eco-friendly. Plus, the laminate is designed to look just like marble and granite so you get the style without the cost. 

Invest in a Commercial Grade Water Filter

Invest in a commercial grade water filter and it will be worth it in the long run, Seo said. He said while there is nothing wrong with filtered pitchers, he said when taking into account long term costs it's cheaper to invest in a commercial grade water filter. It lasts for a whole year and there is no plastic in the filters. 

Monitor Your Pipes with Flo by Moen

Get a device that monitors your pipes to prevent a catastrophe.

"Half of homeowners are going to experience water catastrophe," said Seo. "That's like a pipe burst or dishwasher breaks."

That can be fixed by Flo by Moen. A plumber sets the device up and it connects to your phone so you can monitor the pipes in your home. The Flo will automatically turn off your water if a pipe bursts or send alerts if there is an issue. Also you can control your pipes using your phone. So if you are going out of town for a few days and want to turn off your water you can do that just by using your phone.

Best of all, this device lowers homeowner's insurance rates because it lowers your risk of water catastrophe. 

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