School to Install Bullet Protection

A new protection system is aimed to reduce risks and protect children and teachers from injury.

A Fountain Valley high school is set to receive a new protection system intended to minimize deaths and injuries in the event of a shooting on campus.

It is known as a bullet resistant protection system, and it was donated to Valley Vista High School by Safer Schools for America, ROK Mobile and hair care businessman John Paul DeJoria.

"Rather than just protecting banks and airports, we need to protect the kids," said Jonathan Kendrick, owner of ROK Mobile.

The system will implement bullet resistant material attached and laminated on all classroom doors. This material will also be installed on school windows, and is designed to prevent glass from shattering and to withstand bomb blasts.

Remote control locking mechanisms, using a radio frequency, will be installed in classroom doors to quickly lock the room down in case of an emergency.

"The idea is if we can protect them in the classroom so that someone with a gun can’t get through so that officers can get to them...we think that’s the best way," Kendrick said. "It doesn’t cost a lot of money to secure the kids, really."

It will take about two weeks to get all the equipment into the high school, and organizers are hoping to have the system installed by the new year.

Within the next two years, the donors intend to provide the system to additional schools.

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