SoCal Residents Thank Police After Dallas Attack

For three days, a 25-year-old telemarketer has gone to the LAPD Van Nuys division to salute every officer he sees coming in and out.

A 25-year-old telemarketer has made it his mission since a sniper shot and killed five officers last week to stand out front of a Southern California police station and salute the men and women in blue who go in and out.

Josh Shiver stood in front of the Los Angeles Police Department's Van Nuys Division station for six hours on Saturday, four hours on Sunday, and then again on Monday. Taped to his shirt was a sign reading, "I support law enforcement."

"I come from a law enforcement family," he said. "I know what it's like to go to bed every night wondering, 'is dad coming home?'

"It's probably unorthodox, what I'm doing."

It's just what the cops need. After a brutal week of bloodshed caused by gunfire, and protests sparked by high-profile police shootings, this small act of kindness is a salve for a wounded nation.

These acts were repeated over the weekend. Some 50 people brought roses to the LAPD headquarters in downtown LA. On Monday, cards showed up at stations across Los Angeles. Handwritten notes saying "thanks" were placed on patrol cars in the San Fernando Valley.

In Corona, 200 blue ribbons were tied to trees. Someone picked up LAPD Capt. Pete Casey's lunch bill at Marie Callender's.

"That's so nice that a random citizen would pay for my meal, and to take the time to even write on the receipt, 'thank you for all you do,'" Casey said. "It actually made my day."

Many of these gifts were anonymous. But Shiver's signature is a bit different.

"I want to thank them in person," he said. "And tell them, 'I stand behind you 100 percent.'"

In thanks for his support, the captain of the LAPD Van Nuys division awarded Shiver with a pin, hat and coin on Monday.

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