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South El Monte Woman Brings Home the ‘Bacon' After Winning Mega Millions

Lucky woman from South El Monte becomes winner of the May 28, drawing for the Mega Millions.

Everyone dreams about winning the lottery, but only a select few have the luxury of taking home the big prize.

But one lucky California woman got to do just that after purchasing a Mega Millions ticket in South El Monte. Linda Vo, the winner of the May 28 drawing, purchased her ticket at a Home Mart located at 9611 Garvey Avenue in South El Monte.

Vo, who has claimed her prize of $2,510,032, had a winning ticket that matched five of the six lucky numbers: 50; 9; 42; 21; 34. The only number she was missing was the Mega number: 21.

But Vo was not the only one who got to bring home the bacon, Home Mart the store where she purchased her winning ticket also collected a retailer bonus. A bonus of $12,550, the money which is not deducted from the winners prize is given to Home Mart, for simply selling the winning ticket.

Like many in her situation, Vo was delighted to find out that she was the lucky winner.

"We were so happy. We couldn't sleep. We were so happy!" Vo said.

As most lottery winners know, winning the lottery can be life changing, and Vo is already making plans for her money. To her and her family, this win is much bigger than just numbers. It means they will be able to plan big things, like doing something many Californians dream of.

"We're gonna pay off the house," Vo said.

Mega Millions is played in 44 states and draw times are every Tuesday and Friday at 8 p.m., with tickets being sold for $2. Tickets can be purchased at any of the more than 23,000 California Lottery retailers or at one of the more than 4,000 lottery Lucky Retailers.

For your chance to win the "big one," you can also visit the California Lottery's Mega Millions site for information on how to play.

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