Wing Tips Touch, Passengers Deplane Southwest Flights Out of Burbank Airport

No one was hurt.

During one of the busiest holiday travel times, passengers had to deplane after two aircrafts bumped wings at Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport on Sunday, according to Southwest Airlines.

Flight 815 was scheduled to fly out of Burbank to Oakland when the plane’s wing tip nicked another plane.

The second plane, flight 1240, was headed to Denver International airport.

The plane headed to Denver was parked when the wing tips collided.

A total of 225 passengers had to leave the planes, and work with Southwest to be booked on different flights.

The two planes were out of service for inspection.

NBC4 Meteorologist Shanna Mendiola was aboard the flight when the mishap occurred.

"Holiday Travel! My Southwest Air flight just bumped wingtips with another on the tarmac. Flight canceled," Shanna said.

This wasn’t the first time that planes’ wing tips collided at Bob Hope Airport.

Two airplanes bumped wings last June.

No injuries were reported. 

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