Spanish-Speaking Parrot Returned to Family Who Cared for It While Missing

A pet parrot that spoke with a British accent when it went missing and was returned to its Torrance owner speaking Spanish four years later has been given back to the family that took care of it while it was gone, according to reports.

The bird named Nigel was returned to original owner Darren Chick by a veterinarian who found the parrot and tracked his microchip. When Teresa Micco first asked Chick if he had lost a bird, he said no because he thought she meant recently, according to the Daily Breeze.

It wasn’t until Micco verified Chick’s name that it clicked: She was talking about Nigel, who went missing four years ago.

So, where was the bird all that time? After seeing the Daily Breeze article, the Hernandez-Smith family, who also lives in Torrance, came forward saying that they bought the bird for $400 at a garage sale four years ago. The family was happy to see that Morgan, their name for the traveling parrot, was safe.

Now, the viral story has come full circle. Chick has decided to give the bird back to Hernandez-Smith family, who are ecstatic to have him back.

“My grandma passed away about two years ago, and he is one of the last mementos for my grandpa,” Liza Smith wrote to the Daily Breeze in an email. “Morgan’s loss has been hard on him. They have a very special bond."

The family plans to build an outdoor aviary so he doesn’t get lost again.

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