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Andrew Bynum's Knee Fine; He's Ready for Playoffs

Andrew Bynum's MRI comes back clean and he will be ready for the playoffs Sunday



    Andrew Bynum's Knee Fine; He's Ready for Playoffs
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    BOSTON - JANUARY 31: Andrew Bynum #17 the Los Angeles Lakers smiles during a game against the Boston Celtics to a loose ball in the second half at the TD Garden on January 31, 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Jim Rogash /Getty Images)

    You can exhale now, Lakers fans.

    While the world was focusing on Kobe's poor choice of words when frustrated, Lakers fans were waiting on results of an MRI on the surgically repaired right knee of Andrew Bynum. The one he tweaked Tuesday night in an awkward fall.

    MRI results show only a bone bruise, according to a release by the team.

    In the regular season, that might mean a week or two off for Bynum, but the playoffs are a different beast. Bynum will be ready to go come Sunday when the Lakers tip off against… we don't know that yet (skip ahead a little and we'll lay out the Lakers playoff scenarios for you).

    Bynum injured his knee running back up the court on defense Tuesday night, trying to stick with the Spurs DeJuan Blair. Bynum inadvertently stepped on Blair's foot, then Bynum's leg slid out from under him at an awkward angle. Both Blair and Lakers guard Shannon Brown (who was close to the play) called the fall "scary" because it looked bad when it happened.

    Lakers fans saw their title hopes flash before their eyes.

    Bynum sat on the floor for a minute then got up and went straight to the locker room, not to return to the game.

    However, 90 minutes later, he walked out of the arena with almost no limp and saying that while the injury hurt at first, it had gotten considerably better.

    All of which is good news for the Lakers and bad news for whoever they play.

    He's how it works out for the Lakers in the playoffs: If they win Wednesday night in Sacramento (no given, this likely is the Kings final game before a move to Anaheim and the fans will make loud), or if Dallas loses, the Lakers will be the second seed in the Western Conference. In that case, they likely will face New Orleans and Chris Paul (which is about the best possible scenario for Los Angeles; the Hornets are without their leading scorer David West due to injury). However, New Orleans loses and Memphis wins, the Lakers would get Memphis.

    If the Lakers lose and Dallas wins, the Lakers become the three seed and would face Portland in the first round. That's a team the Lakers want to avoid, so look for them to put in a real effort Wednesday.

    Which is a whole lot of scenarios playing out on one final night. But by the time you go to bed you'll know who the Lakers face. And you'll know Andrew Bynum will be there.