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Tom Brady: "I Had A Little Bit of Doubt" After Circus Catch



    New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said after the remarkable catch by the Seattle Seahawks in the final minutes of the game, he had a "little bit of doubt" that his team would win.

    "I saw the review and couldn't believe it," he told reporters on Monday in Glendale, Arizona. "I felt like we were going to win the whole game, and then they made that catch and then I had a little bit of doubt. And then we made a great play."

    The catch by Seattle receiver Jermaine Kearse put the Seahawks on the 5-yard line with a minute to go. Only an interception two plays later — on a questionable pass call — saved the game for New England. 

    Meanwhile, the Patriots’ head coach once again answered a question about the NFL's investigation into whether the Patriots let air out of footballs during the AFC championship game.

    "I don't have any other comment on that," Belichick said. "I've twice gone into great detail about everything I knew. I've tried to be totally transparent and given everybody as much info as I have. That's all I have to give."