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Beckett, Dodgers Lose To Zimmermann, Nationals

The 6-2 loss, LA's 11th in 15 games, saw Dodgers pitcher Josh Beckett fail to find the strike zone, even when facing Nationals' starting pitcher, Jordan Zimmermann



    Beckett, Dodgers Lose To Zimmermann, Nationals
    Pitcher Josh Beckett walks from the mound against the Washington Nationals Monday May 13, 2013.

    It was an unremarkable night for the Dodgers as they fell to the Nationals 6-2, putting an end to their short win streak.

    The game progressed slowly, with Dodgers starting pitcher Josh Beckett making 60 pitches in just three innings. The first inning alone took him 18 minutes to face just five batters. Beckett only gave up three hits and two walks in three innings but the Nationals scored four runs before he was taken out of the game.

    The low point of Beckett's night came in the third inning when he walked the Nationals' starting pitcher, Jordan Zimmermann, on five pitches. Zimmermann only has one hit on the season and should be an easy out, but Beckett could not find the strike zone.

    The Nationals scored three runs in the inning, but it could have been a much different had Becket thrown Zimmermann anything worth swinging at. Beckett was not looking good to this point, but walking the pitcher to start the inning definitely appeared to be the wheels-coming-off moment of the night.

    With the aging Beckett laboring to survive three innings, Zimmermann worked at a crisp pace in 7.2 innings of work to prove his status as a rising star in the league. The 26-year old currently leads the majors with eight wins, and ranks in the top five for both ERA and WHIP (walks plus hits per inning pitched).

    Other Dodger notables include Matt Kemp extending his hitting streak to 12 games with an RBI single in the eigth inning. He also added another strikeout, his 14th during the streak.

    Luis Cruz took advantage of a pinch-hit at bat to continue his season of futility with a ground-ball double-play. Cruz has not had a hit since May 3rd, and in ten at bats since has been responsible for 14 outs. There has got to be a better use of roster space then the .087/.111/.087 Luis Cruz has put up this year.

    I told you if you came out to Dodgers Stadium Monday it would be difficult to miss Bryce Harper. In the fifth inning Harper crashed face-first into the outfield wall, falling to the ground with a cut on his neck.

    Of course, nobody ever wishes ill-will towards an opposing player, but if Harper does take some time to rest after the collision, it could provide relief for the Dodgers with two games left in the series against Washington.

    Tweets from #Dodgers Nation

    Fans were surprised to see Bryce Harper crash into the outfield wall, as Twitter gave out a collective, “OUCH!”

    More sarcasm towards the Dodgers offense, "At least we have Kershaw pitching tomorrow, that way we will only lose 2-0"