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For Sale: Rose Bowl Turf

Freeze-dried patches of grass are for sale, but not at dirt cheap prices



    For Alabama football fans, it's the perfect off-season landscaping project.

    For Texas fans, it might be a way to bury memories of Colt McCoy's shoulder injury.

    Whatever the reason, for $99, you can own a piece of sod from the BCS title game at the Rose Bowl.

    Strips from the end zone, chunks from midfield and globs from the right and left hash marks were removed Monday. The turf will be freeze-dried, encased in glass, documented and sold.

    Sod Situation

    [LA] Sod Situation
    For 99 dollars, you can own a slab of sod from the Rose Bowl.
    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010)

    The first 100 pieces will be given to the athletic departments at Alabama and Texas.

    It's likely most of the turf buyers will be Alabama fans. The Crimson Tide beat the Longhorns 37-21 to win the BCS title.

    The company purchased about 10,000 square feet of turf from the Rose Bowl. A complete sod set -- pieces form the end zone, and BCS logos from the 50 and 30 yard lines -- is available from Stadium Associates for $249.

    But there's more. The company is offering 17 "special moment pieces" from 17 sections on which pivotal plays occurred. For example, fans can own a piece of turf where Alabama's Mark Ingram stepped before his touchdown that sealed victory for the Tide.

    There's also a piece available from the spot on which Texas quarterback McCoy suffered his shoulder injury.

    Rose Bowl officials said they had planned to sell the turf to Brookside Golf Course before they were approached by Stadium Associates. Stadium Associates also offers sod grown from Major League Baseball stadiums.