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Kobe, Gasol Hablan Espanol on Court



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    "How do you say, 'Tim Duncan's bank shot' in Spanish?"

    Pau Gasol was raised in Spain. Kobe Bryant speaks fluent Spanish.

    So when Kobe wants to tell Gasol to slip a pick or some other strategy on the court without anyone else noticing, then ellos hablan Espanol.

    Just different plays, if I see something and I want to tell him and I don’t have time to run up to him, I’ll just yell it out from half court, and nobody else can understand what we’re saying.

    The problem comes in when I need the other guys on the court to understand what we’re saying, and I can’t communicate that to them because they don’t speak Spanish, so that’s a problem.

    Maybe that can explain why Lamar Odom looked so lost on the court the last few games. He needs a Spanish tutor.

    While the secret language of Kobe and Gasol seems like a good idea, what happens tonight, against the Trailblazers, when Kobe yells out a play and Portland’s Rudy Fernandez (a teammate of Gasol’s on Spain’s national team) yells out a warning to his teammates? Maybe Kobe and Gasol should learn Swedish.

    Kurt Helin no habla Espanol. Él escribe el blog foro azul y oro.