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Salaries Revealed: Angels, Dodgers Spend Big

USA Today's online database shows team payrolls, individual salaries, top 25 players



    Salaries Revealed: Angels, Dodgers Spend Big
    Timothy Adam

    It's that time of year again when baseball fans collectively realize we all chose the wrong profession -- USA Today has released its annual update of Major League Baseball salaries.

    Both LA teams top nine-figure payrolls, with the Angels shelling out $138,543,166 (the fourth highest MLB payroll), and the Dodgers at $104,188,999 (12th highest).

    The Angels are also the proud owners of the league's second highest-paid player, outfielder Vernon Wells -- who, according to the database -- will make $26,187,500 in 2011.

    The only player paid more is Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez ($32 million).

    After Wells, there are outfielder Torii Hunter ($18,500,000), pitcher Dan Haren ($12,750,000), pitcher Scott Kazmir ($12 million) and outfielder Bobby Abreu ($9 million).

    Over at Chavez Ravine, the top 2011 earner is shortstop Rafael Furcal, who stands to collect $13 million. He's followed by pitcher Hiroki Kuroda ($11,765,724), outfielder Andre Ethier ($9,500,000), pitcher Ted Lilly ($8,166,666) and outfielder Matt Kemp ($7,100,000).

    Some fun facts from the database:

    • Furcal ($13,000,000) is paid 26 times more than pitcher Clayton Kershaw ($500,000).
    • Wells ($26,187,500) is paid more than the Angels' 20 lowest-paid players combined ($22,440,666).
    • The Dodgers will spend $47,877,912 on pitching, compared to the Angels at $64,933,000.

    Calculating baseball salaries can be tricky business, with different numbers appearing on various websites.

    USA Today gathered its information from documents obtained by the MLB Players Association, club officials and filed with Major League Baseball's central office. Also, the database does not include deferred payments, incentive clauses or divorce attorneys for Frank and Jamie McCourt.

    The full database is available online.