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National Republican Red Wave Could Bring NFL Team to LA

The Los Angeles Vikings? We'll take that.



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    Hey fellow Angelinos, I know how you're feeling. Proud that your state kept voting blue, kept voting for Democrats -- Jerry Brown back in the Governor's mansion and Barbara Boxer back to Capital Hill. You were feeling down about that red wave of Republican victories that swept across the nation and you're glad your state stopped it.

    (Orange County readers, I know that first paragraph doesn't work for you, but bear with me, it gets better.)

    But if you're a football fan, this red tide of Republican wins could be good news. That wave could well sweep an NFL franchise right into Los Angeles.

    NBC's ProFootballTalk laid it out for us. First, we know that there are several proposals out there -- in various stages -- to bring an NFL stadium to Los Angeles. But nobody is going to build one of those until there are assurances of a team to fill it.

    Here's where the Republicans come in.

    This wave of Republicanism -- or anti-Obamaism -- swept the red party into control of the Minnesota State legislature for the first time in 38 years.

    Minnesota has a football team, the Vikings (Once upon a time they were the biggest rival of the Los Angeles Rams; go ask your dad about it). The Vikings play in the Metrodome, which is dated and getting run down. Imagine the Lakers still having to play at the Forum, or any team in the existing Coliseum.

    But a Republican legislature in a state -- like every state -- struggling with the economy is not about to shell out money to help get a new stadium built. Plans for a new stadium in Minnesota are frigid compared to what is happening in California.

    And next year, the Vikings' lease is up.

    There are a lot of hurdles here -- getting approval for the stadium, nobody is building a stadium and moving a team here unless they get a stake in ownership, the inevitable lawsuits -- but Los Angeles could be well position to poach a team from Minnesota.

    And if it's happening in Minnesota, it can happen elsewhere, just the same.

    All those Republicans could mean football in Los Angeles.

    Sure, the name Vikings doesn't fit in Southern California, but neither does Lakers, and we took that team out of Minnesota, too. And that worked out pretty well.

    Just, please Minnesota, can you keep Brett Favre?

    Kurt Helin lives in Long Beach and is the Blogger-in-Chief of NBC's NBA blog Pro Basketball Talk (which you can also follow in twitter).