AC Milan Bigwigs Flying To LA To Get Beckham

Major League Soccer foolishly set artificial deadlines, and AC Milan ignored them. But now the Italians are serious about talking — they let it leak they want to sign David Beckham to a one-year deal, and they are coming to Los Angeles to get his freedom.

[AC Milan] director Umberto Gandini will fly out to America with his team of lawyers on Thursday in an attempt to close the Beckham deal in their favour.

The Americans have rejected the Italian club's original offer, believing it to be less than satisfactory for a player of Beckham's quality.

Nevertheless, Milan remain confident of concluding the affair by early next week and it is considered that a €10 million offer will land their target.

That would work out to $14.2 million on this side of the pond. That’s enough money to pay the rest of the Galaxy players for five years.

Enough with the posturing and saying it’s about “our fans,” it is time to sign the deal Tim Leiweke. Not only did Beckham not grow the sport in the United States, if forced to return stateside he will be bitter about it and really not be out selling soccer. Then in January he’ll walk for free.

Time to do what’s right by everyone and end the Beckham experiment.

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