Angels Done Waiting, Pull Offer To Teixeira

The Los Angeles Angels have gotten tired of waiting around for Scott Boras and his client Mark Teixeira to make up their mind. It’s hard to blame them.

The Angels put a franchise record eight year, $160 million offer on the table at the Winter Meetings, but have now pulled that offer and say they are out of the Teixeira sweepstakes. That will leave a power gap in the lineup, in 54 games Teixeira hit .358 with 13 home runs for Los Angeles.

The Angeles may be looking another direction, according to Peter Gammons: a three-way trade between the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Angels and Cincinnati Reds that would end with Jermaine Dye playing for the Reds, Joey Votto at first base in Anaheim (replacing Teixeira) and Chone Figgins in the Windy City.

Since the Angeles made their offer, Scott Boras has done what he always has done for his clients, tried to get as many bidders into the game as possible, sometimes even phantom bidders trying to get extract money and longer deals for his clients, regardless of who he pisses off.

Last week the front office of the Boston Red Sox met with Boras and Teixeira and came in with what was reportedly the biggest offer for the first baseman and slugger. Boras said it wasn’t enough. The Red Sox owner released a carefully-worded statement saying they were out of the bidding (although leaving the door open between the lines). The last couple days Boras has been floating that the Yankees are in the bidding, even though their front office says they have never made an offer.

An offer from the Washington Nationals is believed to be the same as the Angeles, although that is not a franchise renowned for its commitment to winning.

Once the Teixeira saga ends, look for the bidding for Manny Ramirez to pick up. The Dodgers have a two-year, $45 million offer out for the slugging outfielder, but the Yankees and others may enter the bidding.

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