Beckham Sends His Lawyers to Talk to Galaxy

With AC Milanmore determined than ever to do what they can to keep David Beckham, it appears that the player is now stepping in to help that cause as well. Beckham's lawyers have reportedly started negotiations with the Los Angeles Galaxy, in a move that would end the world-renowned soccer star's run in the States.

AC Milan general manager Adriano Galliani continues to voice his excitement about the possibility, but is being very careful to say all the right things while doing so.

"The player belongs to Galaxy. We wish they decide to release him, but if they don't change their minds the player is theirs.

"We are looking to get him either on loan until the end of the season or on a permanent basis. Otherwise, with the greatest regret from everyone - starting with me - Beckham will have to go."

Galliani added: "Players can make their choices but their clubs can refuse their wishes. Moreover, the Los Angeles Galaxy have always been very nice to us and have behaved in a very gentlemanly manner."

The Galaxy, meanwhile, offered nothing more than a "no comment." They're understandably a little less excited.

Not only would the loss of Beckham hurt the club in terms of ticket and jersey sales, but it would also affect them from a competition standpoint. It would be too late to find a quality replacement for Beckham, since the international transfer window closed in January, and the summer window doesn't open until July.

If and when the deal gets finalized and Beckham is gone for good, the Galaxy will be stuck right where they are now -- near the bottom of the league-wide standings.

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