Bynum Not “A Player” Until Playoffs

From the first day he was injured, the timetable for Andrew Bynum’s return was sometime in April. Phil Jackson basically confirmed that on Thursday, but added that he may need to play his way into basketball shape in the playoffs.

Right now Andrew is, it looks like, a month away, and that’s like the end of the season. This is a from a guy who has been watching players recover and not a trainer, and certainly not a physical therapist, but I think he’s still a month away from being a player.

If you were Phil Jackson and you wanted to take some pressure off your young center who is working out while watching his team struggle to hold leads without him, what would you tell the media? Pretty much exactly that quote.

Here’s a little-discussed secret about the NBA: Coaches are about the worst place to get an injury update. With all the other things on their plate, they often get their information second hand. But since Gary Vitti isn’t talking, Lakers fans will take the updates where you can get them.

While some fans (and media members) say this is the Lakers pushing back the timetable on Bynum’s return, it actually is pretty much in line with the timetable from the start. He was going to come back in April, then have to play his way into shape. One month from now will be the middle of April. While there were whispers around Staples Center that he was ahead of schedule, those may not be accurate. But Bynum is not really behind schedule either.

Kurt Helin's knee is fine, or at least good enough to keep writing Forum Blue & Gold.

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